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עברית בירושלים

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Séjour LAVI

עברית בעברית

What we do

One week Hebrew

  • from Monday to Friday
  • Hebrew Lessons 9.30 to 13.30
  • Immersive activities 5PM


The end of registration is July 15.

Our School

French Institute in Jerusalem
Hillel Street, 35 Jérusalem

August course


August 14 to 18




Hillel St 35, Jerusalem, 9458133, Israël


450 $

You whant to regitrate ?

Some ideas for a place to sleep

We do not pay for accommodation during the stay. Nevertheless, we can recommend places that we like.

Place Distance About prices
Abraham Hostel Jerusalem 15 min walk

30$* to130$ per night


Apartique Hotel  1 min walk approx. 150$/night
Brown JLM 1 min walk approx. 150€/nuit
Stay Inn Hotel Jersualem (Hostel) 10 min walk

30$* to130$ per night


Our center is located right in the center of Jerusalem, there are plenty of other hotels around.

Take a look at Airbnb 


Yoel will be your teacher

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